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In the Hi-End Audio market, many giant designers have created wonderful products, with the aim to deliver the best possible experience in the reproduction of music.


With the launch of the “Vivace” and “The Audion” Hi-End Monoblock amplifiers, AGD made its mark in the technological progress of this field. With the latest introduction of the AGD “TEMPO di GAN”, GaNPower amplifier, and the AGD “ALTO”, our new reference phono and line-stage preamplifier, this journey, launched with so much passion, begins to look like a mission that cannot be halted.

AGD Productions

To achieve the highest-performance in audio reproduction, switching topologies must achieve nearly ideal switching waveforms, completely oscillation-free, to minimize distortion but most importantly, to preserve the harmonic content present in the original input signal and avoid the superimposition of any additional artifacts that alter the overall spectrum and the spatiality of the music reproduction.


The Gallium Nitride power MOSFETS used in the GaNTubeTM power-stage simplifies this challenge through its ability to efficiently switch at much higher slew rates than any silicon-based power MOSFET, with almost perfect (book-like) behavior and oscillation free switching.

Design Philosophy

Thanks to the new Gallium-Nitride power MOSFETs stage, the improved layout with enhanced thermal characteristics and the virtually stray-inductance free package, the rise time and fall time of the power stage are fully symmetrical and oscillation-free.

The combination of low noise design technique implemented and the best practice for the internal board layout, the RF quality BNC connectors for the analog signals, are the key contributors of the excellent performance of our amplifiers.


With the seamless ability to drive any loudspeakers, our amplifiers can deliver an incredible immersive holographic powerful and pure musical experience.

Limitless power and grace

Several of our products are available for in-home demonstrations, and we are continuously working to increase our offerings. 


Products eligible for home demonstrations are clearly marked in our online store. Simply get in touch with us, and we will arrange an appointment to install the product in your system for your evaluation.

Home Demonstrations

As the majority of our products are bespoke and manufactured to order, we do not hold stock of components in Dubai. 


However, all products listed on this website can be ordered. The expected lead time is specified for each component. We ensure that your order will be fulfilled as promptly as possible.

Order & Delivery

We offer complimentary installation of any components you order, right at your home, ensuring they function optimally. 


To guarantee your complete satisfaction, we will revisit you as needed until you are entirely pleased with your purchase.

Installation & Service

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