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Lindemann is a high-tech manufacturer where, by using the most advanced technologies, we develop products which bear every comparison, both in terms of sound and functionality.


We quite deliberately hold a small, fine portfolio of products which are carefully maintained and represent a highlight in their respective classes. We design and build in Europe exclusively. 

A large hawker’s tray of products with appealing brand names made and developed in China is out of the question for us. At our company the boss still knows each circuit and every supplier personally.

Lindemann Audio

A dream has become real for us: music listening at last the way it was recorded. With no data reduction. Without loss of quality. Finally we won’t have to rip and store CDs any more. Because virtually everything we had ever owned, and much more, is now available from the online streaming services.


The discovery trips back to the music of the 1960s or to distant countries such as Mali are truly a wonderful enrichment for every music lover. But let’s get back to the topic of studio masters: lush, clear and transparent sound without any harshness, yet also without whitewashing. Simply big fun.

Studio Master Online

Lindemann is one of the leading brands in the field of audio and streaming technology.


For many years we have given our customers a wonderful listening enjoyment by means of products which offer up-to-date technology and superb sound quality. Our latest top feature is online streaming of studio master grade. A long-cherished dream is coming true: music listening like the pros without the quality losses of MP3 and CD. A large number of awards worldwide confirms our philosophy.


The driving force behind this work was and still is company founder and mastermind Norbert Lindemann. With him we see passion and creativity, experience and knowledge combined to form a unique entity.


For the development of our products we can fall back on a wealth of experience gathered in more than 25 years of building loudspeakers, amplifiers and digital sources. At LINDEMANN new products are created by means of the most advanced design tools and measuring methods. In doing so we use, of course, the latest and best technologies on the market. Yet the sonic outcome is always of prime importance; our ears are the key measuring instrument!


A careful optimization of all circuit details and a target-oriented selection of top-grade parts build the basis for every genuine high-end product. It takes a lot of meticulous work here to understand all sound influences and optimize the result accordingly. On the highest level real progress in sound quality can only happen through a deep insight into the correlations and a consistent implementation in the circuit design.


Our products are developed by a passionate and experienced team of engineers in Germany and made exclusively by ISO-certified firms all over Europe to meet the high quality demands of our customers. Prior to packaging and shipping, every single device is put to a thorough final inspection.


But above all stands the passion for music and well-engineered technology. Only when merged this way the result are products that are entirely convincing.


Several of our products are available for in-home demonstrations, and we are continuously working to increase our offerings. 


Products eligible for home demonstrations are clearly marked in our online store. Simply get in touch with us, and we will arrange an appointment to install the product in your system for your evaluation.

Home Demonstrations

As the majority of our products are bespoke and manufactured to order, we do not hold stock of components in Dubai. 


However, all products listed on this website can be ordered. The expected lead time is specified for each component. We ensure that your order will be fulfilled as promptly as possible.

Order & Delivery

We offer complimentary installation of any components you order, right at your home, ensuring they function optimally. 


To guarantee your complete satisfaction, we will revisit you as needed until you are entirely pleased with your purchase.

Installation & Service

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