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The AGD DUET MONOBLOCK Amplifier is the newest addition to our state-of-the-art Hi-End Power Amplifiers family. 

The AGD DUET is our first compact MONOBLOCK Amplifier utilizing 100% Gallium Nitride Power MOSFET design for both the output power stage and the power supply. 

The AGD DUET is rated 300W 4Ω . To achieve these performances in such compact CNC machined cabinet (available fully polished or anodized black), we have designed a new power supply by utilizing the most advanced HV GaN MOSFET available in the market today.

For the AGD DUET we also designed a new mother board with low noise linear supply rails and a superlative analog buffer stage based on AD797 op amps.

To maintain with time the full value of the product , key characteristic of all AGD amps, the GaN-based power stage module utilized in the AGD “DUET” is fully upgradable to next generation GaN-Power modules with new GaN MOSFET devices with advanced performances.



Parameter Description
Nominal Output, 20Hz÷20KHz, 4Ω 300W
THD+N 10W/1KHz <0.005%
Maximum Output Power at 0.1% THD+N, 1KHz, 8Ω 150W
Audio Bandwidth ±0.5dB 20Hz-20KHz
Bandwidth ±3dB 5Hz-80KHz
Input Impedance 40kOhm (600Ohm upon request)
GaN Power Module PWM Frequency ~800kHz
Dimensions 10×5.6×4.0in (254x142x100mm)
Weight 8.25lbs (3.75kg)
Input Voltage 110-240V (Auto-Switch)
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