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Open Baffle Speakers are Boxless Speakers. They are open and honest and when done right, they fill the room with music in the most natural way.


Designed with music in mind, all our speakers are voiced to an organic and musically enjoyable listening experience, always emotionally moving and never fatiguing.

Pure Audio

For organic, no-fatigue music experience, and long listening music sessions


A loudspeaker configuration developed by and named for Joe D’Appolito, in which a high frequency driver, or tweeter, is positioned between two midrange or low frequency drivers that each cover the same frequency range. 


This is the case with our Trio and Quintet speakers. The two 15” woofers are connected in parallel and positioned in a vertical symmetry around the Center Driver. This configuration defines the ‘acoustical center of mass’ exactly at the center of the speaker, that then becomes kind of a large size ‘source-point’ speaker. 


This acoustical symmetry is maintained thru the entire frequency range and the result is 1) sense of transparency, realism and no fatigue and 2) an absence of any sudden changes in directivity with frequency. 


This may not mean much for monitors where there is a limited listening area, but in a typical room where a large percentage of the sound is reflected by the room, these effects are dramatic and help the so-called ‘speakers disappearing act’

D’Appolito Design

At the core of our speakers is a slim, Modular Open Baffle Chassis, featuring a carefully engineered frame and wooden baffles on which all audio components reside.


The various models differ by their size, while their final configuration is defined by your choice of Center Driver and Finishing.


Center drivers, baffles, cables, even crossovers parts; all easily interchangeable and upgradeable giving you the freedom to explore multiple models and sonic options.

Modular Design

Although different in other countries, in Dubai our speakers will be assembled at you at your premesis, and will be fine tuned at your home for your system and environment.



Pure Audio Project in Dubai

High Efficiency

All our speakers are very high efficiency For effortless and dynamic sonic performances with any amplification


Duet15, Trio15 and Quintet15 are high efficiency, 96db speakers, and as such they can play with amps starting with as low as 2.5w. This makes all 15″ speakers ‘friendly’ with Tubes and Class A amps.


They are highly responsive and when fed by high power solid state amps they easily accept authority and control, and reveal the original dynamic range of the recordings and the tiniest musical nuances.

With time, the sonic performances of our speakers with low power amps made them a prime choice for many owners of tube amps, tubes and tube amp manufacturers and professional reviewers alike.

For reliable music reproduction and overall seamless sonic blen, our center drivers offerings covers three major genres of audio drivers technology, full-range, horns and mid/tweeter. 


Each offers it’s unique sonic features to allow you to choose the one for best match to your sonic and music DNA, your room acoustics and your favorite audio gear. room, these effects are dramatic and help the so-called ‘speakers disappearing act’

Bespoke Center Drivers

Products Coming Soon 

Several of our products are available for in-home demonstrations, and we are continuously working to increase our offerings. 


Products eligible for home demonstrations are clearly marked in our online store. Simply get in touch with us, and we will arrange an appointment to install the product in your system for your evaluation.

Home Demonstrations

As the majority of our products are bespoke and manufactured to order, we do not hold stock of components in Dubai. 


However, all products listed on this website can be ordered. The expected lead time is specified for each component. We ensure that your order will be fulfilled as promptly as possible.

Order & Delivery

We offer complimentary installation of any components you order, right at your home, ensuring they function optimally. 


To guarantee your complete satisfaction, we will revisit you as needed until you are entirely pleased with your purchase.

Installation & Service

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