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Quintet 15



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The 7′ high Quintet15 offers a true ‘wall of sound’ music experience, with unprecedented presence, realism and clarity. With eight 15″ woofers, designed to play from the low end deep into the mid range, the air moving capacity of the Quintet15 is simply striking. Vocals and instruments, at any scale, feel full body and as close to real-life as it can get. All sounds effortless to a level that speakers truly disappear.

The Quintet15 speakers feature four of our 15” open baffle woofers and a selected center driver in a D’Appolito design. Center drivers and crossover components are interchangeable and the choice is yours. Once decided on Quintet15, the next step is to choose the center driver and baffle finishing.


Center Driver

Woofer Grill



  • Modular Aluminum Frame

  • Baffles: White, Black, Three Layer Bamboo, Genuine German Oak (handcrafted), custom upon request

  • Woofers: 8 x 15” audiophile grade open baffle woofers, OB-A15NEO

  • Main Driver: Horn1, Coax10 and various Voxativ 8″

  • Passive Crossover: ‘Thrier’ First Order Modular XO for Horn1 and Voxativ configurations and a dedicated Fourth Order crossover for Coax10 driver

  • Bi-Amping (optional): Active Crossover: PAP-C1 (Analog)

  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohm

  • Sensitivity: ~96db

  • Frequency Responce: from ~30hz (hearable and feel-able) to 20khz

  • Size: Hight 6,72′ (2,05m), Baffle Width 21.26″ (54cm)

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