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Trio 15



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The Trio15 is our most versatile model and its size is just perfect for medium to large sized rooms.

Trio15 design is open and modular. It features a selection of top-grade center drivers from different audio technology genres, audiophile-grade interchangeable and upgradeable crossovers, a variety of finishing options, and a straightforward cost-effective up-scale path to Quintet15.

These features, together with a genuine musicality, organic and totally no-fatigue cross-genre music experience, make the Trio15 into a prime choice for hundreds of music lovers world wide, and a reference speaker for many industry members and reviewers alike.


Once decided on the Trio15, the next step is to choose the center driver and baffle finishing.Our offering of center drivers covers three major genres of audio drivers technologies.

Full-range drivers, horns, and mid/tweeter drivers.Though the overall music experience with the different center drivers is quite similar, every driver highlights specific sonic features reflected by its build and design.

"Great as these speakers sounded at Hickman’s house, I was still expecting that pinched horn sound. None is present in the Trios – zero."

Hours pass by and on many occasions, what begins as an afternoon listening session, lingers far into the night hours – even with daylight saving time in full effect. A wide range of music proves highly engaging and exposes no flaws in the Trios. They play everything you can imagine with ease.

Enjoyable as these speakers are, you need to hear them. Their clear, dynamic sound reminds me of so many aspects of other speakers that I truly love. They disappear in the room and provide pinpoint imaging when required like a great mini monitor, yet, they paint a vast, diffuse landscape like my Magnepan Tympanis, all the while, having the sheer sonic punch of the Klipsch LaScalas.

Jeff Dorgey, ToneAudio Magazine

Center Driver



Woofer Grill



  • True Point Source D’appolito Design
  • Sensitivity > 96db (in a typical room).
  • Nominal Impedance: 8ohm.
  • Frequency Range: 29-32hz to 20Khz (in a typical room).
  • Drivers: see above: About Trio15 Components.
  • Crossovers: see above: About Trio15 Components.
  • Typical distance from rear wall: 2-4′ (60-120cm)
  • Distance from side walls: Any
  • Size: W:54cm H:125cm D:27cm | W:21.25″ H:49.4″ D:10.63″
  • Weight: starts at 55lb/25kg
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