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Duet 15



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Music experience with Duet15 Prelude is open and big even in small rooms. Sharing the same design guidelines and sonic virtues as its bigger brothers, the Trio15 and the Quintet15, Duet15 is a full scale open baffle speaker that bears no compromises on tonality and music presentation. Despite its relatively modest size, ever since its release, Duet15’s life-like and extremely musical performances stunned customers, reviewers, and industry members alike. It soon became a reference and one of our most popular models.


Full Range Drivers

Full range drivers are known for their rich, organic and musically engaging presentation. Being built with one motor (magnet system) and one membrane, there is no shift in phase nor in sonic signature all the way from the low mids to the very highs. This causes sonic signature stability and eliminates the need to cross two drivers with two different sonic signatures (mid and tweeter) in a critical listening frequency zone.

Voxativ AC-1.6 

Japanese Paper Cone Over the years Voxativ full-range drivers won their position as the ‘gold standard’ among full-range drivers. The Ferrite magnet / Light Japanese paper cone AC-1.6 driver is a ‘classic’ and this is the driver that was featured in the Audiophiliac (Steve Guttenberg) reviewed model. Its built quality is top-notch and the sound is realistic, smooth, full-body, and transparent, with all the clarity, resolution and beautiful sonic finesse. This driver is a natural match with the Duet15 design and is highly raved by Duet15 owners.

Voxativ AC-PiFe (Wood Cone Ferrite Driver.)

This unique driver adds to all the features of AC-1.6 an unprecedented sense of sonic-mass and realism. Instruments and vocals not only ‘sound great’ but also are ‘physically felt’. The music experience with AC-PiFe in Trio15 is simply addicting!


With years of experience and customers in different climate environments, we have narrowed our baffle materials to three types that excel to perform even in high vibrations scenarios, 3/4” High Density Fiberboards (or Plywood), 3/4” three layers Bamboo or Wood sheets, 7/8” genuine German Oak (with anti-vibration inserts).Their unique finishing will compliment their music performances, and both will blend naturally with the life-style of your room, your office, or your caveHDF/Plywood baffles are finished to matte or gloss, while Bamboo and wood baffles are cut to maintain the grain along the speakers and are oiled.


OB-A15SEN aka NEO are our proprietary audiophile grade, high-resolution 15″ woofers. They were designed specifically for Open Baffle and for PureAudioProject in co-operation with Eminence. The OB-A15SEN are extremely light and fast response drivers that are not only field proven and great performers of deep bass, but they also play full body midrange and integrate smoothly with fast and refined drivers that are used in the different Trio15 models.


Center Driver



Woofer Grill



  • Sensitivity > 96db (in a typical room).

  • Nominal Impedance: 8ohm.

  • Frequency Range: 29-32hz to 20Khz (in a typical room).

  • Typical distance from rear wall: 2′-3.5′ (60-106cm)

  • Distance from side walls: Any

  • Size: W:21.25″ H:40.9″ D:10.63″ | W:54cm H:104cm D:27cm

  • Weight: starts at 44lbs/20kg

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