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Galileo Discovery USB Cable



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We engineered Galileo Discovery USB cables around the refinement of its UEF Graphene Digital Filter through a new UEF compound first developed for SRX and Purple Fuses to eliminate digital noise by interacting with EM fields that ride above its conductors. Graphine Shielding now follows the same Matrix Grid Pattern found in the SRX cable loom, which lowers your system’s overall noise floor for the most dynamic and highest resolution of any USB cable in Synergistic Research history.


We next upgraded the UEF Ground Plane with new UEF Purple Fuse technology. We then treat the entire cable to a new Long Duration High Voltage conditioning process first developed for the SRX cable loom for improved musicality and soundstaging.


Lastly, the outer shield of the cable can be attached to ground with an included ground plug or can be attached to an optional SR Passive Ground Block or our SR Active Ground Block for an even lower noise floor with enhanced sound stage realism. From streaming on TIDAL and Qbuz to Quad DSD files, you hear sound quality that rivals high-resolution analog master tapes.


Up to 3 weeks from date of purchase

SRX Carbon Fiber Tuning Modules

Redifining Refinement.


To voice Galileo Discovery power cables to your system, we recommend you allow the cable loom to settle for at least 72 hours without tuning circuits before voicing each power cord separately. Then, start as high up the signal chain as possible, listening to your two tuning options and selecting the variant that makes music before voicing the next Galileo Discovery cable down the line.


And when voicing with Galileo Discovery interconnects and speaker cables, start with a Silver UEF circuit on your speaker cables without comparing Gold to Silver options. Next, compare Gold to Silver on the interconnect pair as high up the signal chain as possible and select the option that sounds best to you. Now, voice each interconnect option Gold vs. Siver down the line until you arrive at your speaker cables. You will then compare the existing Silver circuit to the Gold UEF Tuning Circuit to arrive at a bespoke match perfect for your system.


Lastly, voice your power cords Gold vs. Silver one at a time until all power cords have been voiced. As a rule, you will find one color, Gold or Silver, to sound best in most applications but with a few exceptions where the opposite color is your best fit. In this way, you achieve a custom balance perfect for your system. And should your system change in the future, you can reassess your voicing options to create the ideal match for new speakers and components without reconsidering your cable loom.

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