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Evoque Eco Leg Height Replacement Pack



VAT Included


Free delivery in UAE

 To fit Atacama Evoque Eco 60-40, 35-40, 110-40 Hifi/AV racks


NOT suitable for Evoque Special Edition, Design Edition, SE2 or Custom versions. See separate listings for Special Edition and SE2 versions. If you have a Design Edition or Custom version, contact the Atacama sales team for guidance.

Leg Pack height


Up to 3 weeks from date of purchase

Additional information

 Atacama Evoque Series Leg height replacement packs. (Gloss Black paint)


If you already have an Atacama Evoque Eco 60-40, 35-40 or 110-40 hifi/AV rack but would like to change a leg height on one or more of your shelf modules, you can order the required parts here.


Heights quoted are the inner dimension once the legs are fully assembled with all fixtures and fittings in place.


As well as all the standard sizes, a 300mm leg height option has also been made available.


Please note- prices are for four outer tubes and four inner leg studs. All other components supplied originally with the shelf module will need to be reused.

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