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The CC2 is developed as a low jitter reference clock for professional studios and audiophiles who demand flawless performance from their digital audio path. Audiophile equipment with word clock inputs will likely benefit from Grimm Audio’s acclaimed clock performance.


Longing for detail, naturalness and imaging in digital? Your system may need a reliable conductor.


Whether you are in a recording studio or pushing for the very best in your home listening setup, the CC2 will guarantee optimal sound quality. Customers using a Grimm Audio clock report “superior detail and imaging” and “a palpable increase in naturalness, extension and spaciousness”. With the CC2 this top-quality clock performance is now within reach of everyone’s budget.



  • ultra-low jitter clock source
  • 16 word clock outputs
  • sample rates from 44.1kHz up to 192kHz
  • small form factor


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