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Atmosphere Tuning Module



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An astounding transformation of your system’s musical presentation occurs simply by placing an Atmosphere Tuning Module (ATM) on your Synergistic Research Acoustic Field Generator (FEQ Carbon or Atmosphere) or on your speakers. How can such a small thing cause such a grand improvement?


All frequencies are related to and interconnected with each other and positively affected by the oscillating ATM excited by sound waves within your room.  The walls of your room will fall away as you begin to hear spacial queues and low level ambient information start to surround you, while any harshness in your system is augmented into refined delicate musical tones.




The RED Atmosphere Tuning Module transforms your system with warmer, more liquid musical tones, when compared to the ATM Carbon, painting a sonic picture that is vivid yet relaxing. Refining the texture of vocals and instruments, and adding a more liquid and resonant bass.

Green ATM

Green ATM or Atmosphere Tuning Module is a significant breakthrough in acoustic resolution for the Synergistic Research Atmosphere Field Generator as well as being used on it's own within a listening room. Compared directly to the original Red ATM the Green ATM is a faster resonator portraying acoustics and recordings with a lower noise floor for enhanced detail and air. Notes seem to decay into a darker background while the overall sound field seems to extend further in all directions; front to back, side to side and top to bottom. Use 1 Green ATM on the front wall, in close proximity, between your speakers or add a second Green ATM and place them directly on top of your speakers. 

Carbon ATM

The new ATM Carbon was explicitly voiced for the new FEQ Carbon with its breakthrough ULF frequency combinations. Still, it is also a significant improvement over RED and GREEN ATMs when used with Atmosphere Acoustic Field Generators. When you place ATM Carbon atop FEQ Carbon, you create a more natural holographic scale with a lower perceived noise floor for effortless sound where vocals and instruments take on lifelike timbre. In addition, frequency extension improves from bottom to top, where high frequencies seem to decay into a much larger space, and bass notes are better controlled and more impactful. Think of ATM Carbon as a turbo charger for the new FEQ Carbon. 

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