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UEF Record Mat



VAT Included


Free delivery in UAE

Our first in a series of record mats with a new UEF Treatment that dramatically improves sound quality with a lower noise floor, improved soundstaging, and enhanced tonal clarity on even the finest turntables. It starts with a unique carbon fiber disc that kills unwanted vibration between your record and platter without deadening or compressing sound.


We then added a synthetic dampening material to improve musicality. Then we do something only we can, we developed the first in a series of UEF treatments between the carbon fiber disc and the synthetic dampening material to dramatically expand your soundstage with a natural tonal quality that is balanced and musical. In future iterations, we will offer UEF treatments voiced for even more holographic soundstaging, improved vocals, even enhanced dynamics.


But for our first UEF Record Mat, we went for a broad balance that checks all the boxes and stresses musicality without fatigue.



Diameter 12 inch
Weight 3.5 oz.
Thickness 2mm

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