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SRX XL Power cable



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We were curious what would happen if we took our highest-performance power cord, the SRX, and scaled up the number of its internal hand-made air-dielectric pure silver high-current geometries.


So we added 2 additional pure silver 14 gauge high current geometries and 2 additional pure silver AirString geometries to make our highest gauge power cord entirely over the top where high conductive pure silver conductors in an air dielectric are concerned. Not surprisingly, this took the SRX’s industry-leading dynamics to a whole new level. It also improved nearly all aspects of its performance, including soundstaging, lower noise floor, and increased high-frequency extension with added smoothness for a high-current power cord like no other.


We did not, however, expect this to be a new benchmark for all AC applications in a system, from low to moderate-current-demand components like pre-amps and DACs to high-current-demand components like power amplifiers and our PowerCell line conditioners. And we accomplished a new benchmark in performance without compromising SRX XL‘s flexibility, so it’s easy to connect, even in tight spaces, like behind your rack or furniture. To discover how transformational this new power cord is, audition SRX XL your system today.


Up to 3 weeks from date of purchase

What’s inside?

Additional SR25 technologies include a pure silver Ground Plane that can be connected to our Active Ground Block for a lower noise floor and added holographic sound staging and dynamic impact and a Swiss Made power supply developed to optimize the pure silver EM Cells. SRX has the exact same wall and IEC connectors developed for the SR25 made from Carbon Fiber and special Rhodium contacts selected in blind listening tests for their perfect sonic balance within the sound of the cable itself.


Each SRX power cord comes with two carbon fiber UEF Tuning Modules specially voiced for the SRX so you can strike the perfect balance between detail and musicality for your system. To voice SRX to your system listen to the Gold (warm) and the Silver (detail) bullet and select the option that makes music in your system. Needless to say, this is the most holographic, lowest noise floor and dynamic and musical power cord in our line-up. This power cord is exceptionally well suited for use with our PowerCell 12SE line conditioner as just one SRX can improve the performance of your PowerCell and this improves every connected component in your system. 

SRX + Master Carbon Cable Tuning Modules.

Redifining refinement.


Now with Master Tuning Modules. SRX Cables come standard with the most potent and musical UEF Tuning Bullets in our company’s 30-year history and work 100% outside the signal path. Both Gold and Silver bullets are handcrafted in our Southern California Factory from carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum with the Gold option plated in 24k Gold not only for aesthetic beauty but also to help voice the bullet to its intended role as the most musical option for specific systems.


To use SRX Carbon Fiber Tuning Modules, allow your SRX cables to settle into your system for 48-72 hours, and then experiment with your two options on a cable by cable basis. Start by inserting a Gold Bullet and then compare to the Silver option and select the variant that makes music in your system. Gold Bullets have a warm and liquid balance that is also more open and transparent than our other warm-biased tuning bullets. While Silver is more extended and detailed but the option that will work best and sound neutral is totally system dependent.


If you voice your SRX cables one pair at a time, you will find one color that works best in most applications, plus a few that perform better with the alternate option. This process is how you will get the best from both Gold and Silver bullets when arriving at a bespoke cable loom voiced for your unique system.


Master Tuning Module’s Sonic Characteristics:

  • Greater Air and Detail
  • Musicality
  • Liquid Smoothness

Gold Tuning Module’s Sonic Characteristics:

  • Greater Musicality
  • Greater Liquid Smoothness
  • Air and Detail



  • Each SRX XL AC Power Cable is made from 14 seperate power cables - 6 each High Current Pure Solid Silver Strings, 4 Pure Silver Air Strings, 2 each Pure Silver Air Ribbons, 1 each Pure Copper Mesh Ground Plane, 1 each Pure Copper Active Shield.



  • Standard 6 and 8 ft. lengths


6 each 14 awg. 99.9999% Pure Silver High Current:

  • Dielectric: PTFE Air (Sealed)
  • Shielding: Active Shielding Technology
  • Geometry: 2 Channel
  • Listened to determine signal direction before build 


 4 Each Silver Air String:

  • Silver Air Strings: 99.9999% pure mono crystal silver conductor  
  • Dielectric: PTFE Air (sealed)
  • Shielding: Active Shielding Technology
  • Geometry: 2 Channel
  • Listened to determine signal direction before build


2 each Pure Silver Air Ribbons :

  • 99.9999% pure silver conductor
  • Dielectric: PTFE Air (sealed)
  • Shielding: Active Shielding Technology
  • Geometry: 2 Channel
  • Listened to determine signal direction before build


1 each Pure Copper Ground Mesh :

  • UEF Ground Plane Technology
  • 36 square inches per 6 ft. length


Shielding :

  • UEF Active Shielding 3rd generation,
  • UEF Active EM Cell
  • Swiss Made Power Supply
  • SR Quantum Capacitors
  • Point to Point Wiring
  • Silver Solder 4%


Quantum Tunneling:

  • Custom


5 Day burn in :

  • 3 Step process


Voltage and current rating :

  • US: 20amp/125v
  • International (EU/AU/UK): 16amp/250v


Shielding :

  • UEF Active Shielding 3rd generation,


2 each SR 25 UEF Folded Electro-Magnetic Cells:

  • Pure Copper Foils  
  • UEF: Graphene treated pcb
  • Dielectric: PTFE
  • Shielding: Active Shielding Technology
  • Housing: Carbon Fiber Cylinder


1 each SR 25 Active Shielding UEF Cell:

    • Modified Swiss-made DC bias Power Supply  
    • UEF: Graphene treated pcb
    • SR Quantum Capacitors
    • Dielectric: PTFE
    • Shielding: Ground Plane Technology
    • Housing: Carbon Fiber Cylinder


2 each SR 25 UEF Ground Plane:

    • Pure Copper Foils  
    • UEF Graphene
    • Dielectric: PTFE
    • Conductive Carbon Fiber Ground Sleeve


1 each Black SR25 UEF Active Module:

  • Completes Active bias circuit 


1 each Gold SR25 UEF Tuning Passive Module:

  • Optional voicing for increased warmth, liquidity 


1 each Silver SR25 UEF Tuning Passive Module:

  • Optional voicing for maximum information and refinement. 



  • Connector Input US: 1 each Synergistic Research G08 Pure Rhodium
  • Connector Input Int’l: 1 each Synergistic Research G08 Pure Rhodium Schuko 
  • Connector Output US: Synergistic Research G08 Pure Rhodium IEC 15 amp and 20 amp connectors 
  • Connector Output Int’l: Synergistic Research G08 Pure Rhodium IEC 15 amp and 20 amp connectors


 Build Notes:

    • 36 point-to-point hand soldered connections
    • Hand laminated layers of Silver Ribbon, PTFE Film and Copper mesh
    • Folded Hot and Neutral Electro-Magnetic Cells added before Power Supply
    • UEF Ground Plane Sleeve added to EM Cells 
    • Additional UEF Ground Plane added to power supply 
    • SR25 UEF Treatment: UEF with Graphene added to entire cable
    • 1 Termination for SR25 Active Tuning Module (Black)
    • 1 Termination for SR25 UEF Passive Tuning Modules (Gold and Silver)
    • Silver Solder: 4%
    • Quantum Tunneling: Before the Active power supply is incorporated all connections and cabling are treated with 1,000,000 volts of electricity at specific frequencies and pulse modulations, creating a canal in the conductor material and contact points at the molecular level that lets electrons to flow more freely. This also allows the “Active Shielding” to work more efficiently yielding the maximum amount of low level information through the conductors and provides for the highest amount of realism in your music
    • 5 day Burn-in: 2 step process
    • 100% Hand Crafted in our California factory
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