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Silentmax 3D Wave



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Modern design, exceptional acoustic energy absorption, airiness, durability, and eco-friendliness. A contemporary solution to reduce echo and noise indoors. 3D wave acoustic panels can be installed on both walls and ceilings. The waves are designed to build upon each other, enabling them to cover a large area effectively.


Standard size: 244 x 100 x 15 cm. One pancel contains 6m2 of acoustically absorbent Silentmax® material.


These panels are easy to insall yourself.


Product Details

Modern design, very high absorption of acoustic energy, airiness, durability, ecology. A modern solution for reducing echo and noise in the interior. Silentmax3D Wave acoustic panels can be mounted on the wall and ceiling. Installation is very simple.


The acoustic segments slide into the patented Silentmax easy-fix profile in one piece. The grooves in the profile centre the individual acoustic segments.


Construction kit

The Silentmax3D Wave is quick and easy to assemble yourself. Segments are cut from Silentmax® material. By simply inserting them into the profiles, installation is easy, fast and fun. The kit saves on packaging and transport costs.



Attach the two U-profiles of the Silentmax easy-fix fixing system to the ceiling or wall using screws approximately 120 cm apart. The profiles have recessed grooves into which the acoustic segments can be easily inserted.

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