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Premium High Load M8 8mm Stainless Steel Spikes (pack of 8)



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The Atacama high-performance high load mechanically tuned stainless steel M8 spikes are designed to fit Hi-Fi racks and speaker stands. These spikes are used to improve the performance and stability of audio equipment by reducing vibrations and resonance.


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Additional information

The pack contains eight M8 spikes, which are threaded to fit into compatible M8 inserts or sockets on your Hi-Fi rack or speaker stands. The spikes are made of stainless steel, which is known for its durability and high loading capability.


By using spikes, you can isolate your audio equipment from the surrounding environment, minimizing unwanted vibrations and resonance that can degrade sound quality. The mechanically tuned design of the spikes helps to further enhance their performance.


When installing the spikes, you typically screw them into the designated inserts or sockets on your Hi-Fi rack or speaker stands. It's important to ensure they are adjusted to provide stable support for your equipment.



Technical Specification

Thread diameter M8 (8mm)

Thread pitch 1.25

Thread length 10mm

Weight per spike 8g

Overall length 33mm

Maximum width 10mm

Spike tip width 2mm (Curved)

Maximum Loading (Stainless Steel type) 40kg per spike

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