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NeXXus/ Moseco Top Plate Pack 4mm x 160mm x 220mm (Pair)



VAT Included


Free delivery in UAE

If you are looking to own a pair of the Award winning Atacama Moseco Series or the new NeXXus series speaker stands but are finding that the standard 130mm x 170mm top plates are too small for your requirements, Atacama now offer this 160mm x 220mm Optional Top Plate pack for when larger bookshelf style speakers need to be accommodated, for example KEF LS50 , LS50 Meta, Elac Debut B5.2,Dali Spektor 2 and many others.


Up to 3 weeks from date of purchase

Additional Information

These precision laser cut top plates are supplied as a pair and can be retrofitted to all Moseco/ NeXXus speaker stands. However, if being used on Moseco 10's, then you will need to add a minimum of two tubs of Atabites (or similar mass loading material) to the main tubes and be sure the footprint (Width/Depth of the speaker) is less than the Bamboo base panel's dimensions in order to maximise stability.


Painted in a tough powder coated Satin Black finish and made from quality UK sourced 4mm carbon Steel, each pack also includes 8 (4 per top plate) Mini Isolation Gel Pads that have been designed to help locate (reducing the chance of speaker slippage), protect (act as a cushion between the speaker and the top plate) and sonically dampen the supported speaker.

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