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Linear Power Supply UEF



VAT Included


Free delivery in UAE

For 30 years, we focused on AC Transmission, starting with the power cord that made the high-end power cord industry, the original AC Master Coupler of 1994. We then developed the world’s first patented non-current limiting power conditioners, Synergistic Research PowerCells. Next, we engineered the world’s highest performance audio grade fuses.


And now, with three decades focused on improving your system’s power, we are proud to announce the apex power supply for your system’s DAC, Turntable, and Audio Server, including the Roon Nucleus.

Output voltage


Power Cable



Linear Power Supply UEF

(3.5 amp - Available in 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 19V) 

with included 5ft Foundation 12awg AC cable

and SR Purple Fuse


Includes (1) 1.25m DC leads (extensions available)

Dimensions - 2.6″h x 10″w x 6″d
Weight - 6.2 lbs.

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