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Hybrid Acoustic Diffuser



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This innovative hybrid acoustic diffuser enhances room acoustics. It uniformly scatters sound reflections, tailored to the natural properties of the room. It boosts the clarity of speech and separation of musical instruments, making the perception of the space feel more vivid. The details and clarity of instrument contours are notably enhanced.


Even with top-tier audio systems, optimal results are unattainable in rooms with poor acoustics. Materially improving your room's acoustics can make a significant difference.


There are tree standard sizes. However we can supply these panels in any custom size and final finsh. Contact us.



Product Details

Audio and Acoustics

Our hearing perceives not only the direct sound from a speaker's axis but also numerous reflections from the room's walls. Room acoustics play a critical role in how we experience music. Consequently, high-quality audio and acoustics are interdependent, with a diffuser being crucial in this relationship. Even in relatively good acoustic environments, there's room for enhancement through acoustic treatment. Sound reflections from large, flat surfaces like walls can degrade sound clarity and intelligibility. A diffuser helps by evenly scattering these unwanted sound reflections, leading to clearer speech, more spatial depth and clarity in recordings, and the revelation of previously obscured details.


Improving Acoustics in Modern Interiors

Modern living often overlooks acoustics, yet their impact on our psychological well-being is profound. Extended reverberation times muddle speech clarity and intelligibility and impair the spatial localization in our hearing. Living spaces typically lack acoustically absorptive materials. In minimalist interiors devoid of carpets, this absence is markedly detrimental.


Reverberation duration is a key acoustic parameter in enclosed spaces. It's relatively simple to measure and should ideally range between 0.2 and 0.5 seconds. Excessively damped spaces can feel stifling, while completely undamped ones suffer from excessive echoes, such as the jarring sound of a teaspoon clinking. Adjusting the quantity of absorptive materials like thick curtains, carpets, and fabric-upholstered furniture can regulate reverberation time.


Hybrid Diffusers in a Room

Unlike other acoustic solutions, a hybrid diffuser spreads sound waves in one plane while absorbing them in another. The patterns are optimised to maintain a balanced acoustic energy in the room. The absorption-to-diffusion ratio can be somewhat controlled through variations in the base pattern. Additionally, the diffuser is tailored to the natural characteristics of a room, quelling unwanted standing waves through pattern density variations. A well-selected hybrid diffuser can replace a mix of different acoustic treatments.


Custom Diffusers for Demanding Audiophiles

The size and volume of the listening space directly dictate the optimal diffuser size. In larger areas, a suitably sized diffuser significantly enhances acoustic quality. We offer bespoke diffusers tailored to your specific room requirements. These diffusers can also be stained in any preferred shade darker than the standard natural treatment. For lighter versions (like white), the oak wood segment layer is substituted with a high-quality plastic layer, although the frame remains oak.

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