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HFT Speaker Kit



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About the size of a shirt button, yet powerful enough to transform the way you experience music, HFT’s improve nearly all aspects of system and room performance. With HFT’s your speakers and room disappear leaving you with nothing but a live holographic musical event in your listening room, or living room.


HFTs oscillate at high frequencies creating an energy field in your room that overpowers room vibrational distortions to correct phase and frequency interactions for harmonic balance in your treated room. You hear an increase in depth and width, with clearer more extended highs, and tighter bass. Everything sounds more live, clearer, and more natural than you could ever imagine.



HFT speaker Kits come with:
3 units Standard HFT's
2 units HFT 2.0's  
2 units HFT X's
it is enough to treat one speaker.


The combination of the 3 HFT types is ideal for most speakers. With easy to follow placement guidelines you will dramatically improve your speakers ability to disappear in your room with tighter bass, improved mid-range clarity, and smoother more articulate highs. 

NEW - HFT speaker Kits now include an additional standard HFT to place on the ceiling directly above your speaker.

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