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Galileo SX Ground Block MkII



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Introducing the Galileo SX Ground Block Mk II - the ultimate ground filter for your stereo system. We’ve taken our award-winning Galileo SX Active Ground Block and re-engineered it with cutting-edge technology originally developed through our cost-no-object, ultra-performance Galileo SX PowerCell.


The chassis of the Galileo SX Ground Block Mk II is machined from a solid billet of aluminum and carbon fiber to minimize unwanted vibrations and chassis resonance that can negatively impact your system’s performance. Inside, the Electromagnetic Cell features three Active Em Cells with Galileo SX PowerCell technology - two rolled EM Cells in carbon fiber housings to control resonance and one flat Carbon Fiber Electromagnetic Cell with a copper mesh Ground Plane.


Power Cable



All models come with (1) HD SX Ground cable to connect the included power cable to the Galileo SX Ground Block.  Plus (4) 4ft and (2) 8ft standard ground leads for use with Atmosphere and SR cables.

  • Construction: Aircraft Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
  • 5 Day Burn In: 2 Step Process
  • Quantum Tunneling: UEF Multi-Stage
  • Hand Built Time: 8 hours
  • Silver Solder 4%
  • 99.9995% Pure 14 Awg Silver Point-to-point wiring
  • UEF Orange Capacitors
  • 99.995% Pure Silver Ground Strap: 52 square centimeters
  • Connector Input:  1 each 15 amp IEC
  • 1 each Internal Active UEF EM flat Ground Cells
  • 2 each Internal Active UEF EM folded Ground Cells
  • Weight:  22lbs.
  • Dimensions: Dimensions: Height 3.5″ x Width 17.5″ x Depth 10.5″

Voltage and current Rating:

  • Input rating US: 15amp/125v
  • Input Rating International (EU/AU/UK): 16amp/250v

Connector Input :

  • 44 each 2mm ground ports

Internal Active UEF EM Horizontal Plane Cell area:

  • 380  square centimeters
  • 2 x Internal Active UEF EM Folded Carbon Fiber Cell area: 1142 square centimeters total

Galileo SX ULF Generator:

  • Designed for the Galileo SX Ground Block and Galileo SX PowerCell, the newly developed multi-setting Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) generator allows users to select between multiple generator frequency settings.  Providing the ability to adjust the characteristics of your Galileo SX ground/power components to perfectly match your system and music selections.


  • Graphene treatment throughout unit
  • 8 each UEF Orange Capacitor in EM Cell power supply and ULF field generator
  • 2 each SR Power Transformers
  • 3rd generation Internal ULF (Ultra-low frequency) Generator to bias AC to the Earth’s Schumann Resonance for a dramatic drop in a system’s noise floor
  • Internal “Active” power supply for biasing EM Cells

Connector Input:

  • 1 each  15 amp IEC
  • 1 each On/Off switch

Available connections for other SR products with SR Ground Plane Technology:

  • Synergistic Research Atmosphere: Acoustic Wave Generator
  • Synergistic Research FEQ: Frequency Equalizer
  • Synergistic Research Tranquility Base Products

Optional High-Def connectivity ground cables are available for the following applications:

  • Turntables: Connect to Ground Plug on Turntable
  • Digital to Analog Converters (DACs): Connect to spare Digital Input, Output or Chassis Ground
  • Pre-Amplifiers: Connect to spare Analog Input, Output or Chassis Ground
  • Power Amplifiers: Connect to spare Analog Input, Output or Chassis Ground.
  • USB Devices: Connect to spare USB Input, Output or Chassis Ground
  • Any Component with an active circuit inside: Connect to spare Input, Output or Chassis Ground

What’s new?

The Galileo SX Ground Block Mk II also features an improved multi Frequency ULF generator now with dual channels, with twice the signal strength of the original Galileo Active Ground Block SX. And a redesigned linear power supply that powers the internal ULF generator and active EM cells. Both of which exhibit major improvements with the newly implemented LPS technology.


With 70 ground ports, the Galileo SX Ground Block Mk II is capable of accommodating even the most extravagant ultra-systems. And, just like its predecessor, it can be custom-tuned to complement your system and personal tastes by changing the bias frequency of the ULF signal generator. Pressing a button on the back of the unit changes the frequency that biases its three Active EM Cells, altering the characteristic sound of your system. 


Experience the ultimate in ground filtering technology with the Galileo SX Ground Block Mk II.

What’s inside?

99.9995% Pure 14awg Silver point-to-point wiring
2 each Active Folded EM Ground Cells 25% larger
UEF Ground Plane (Copper in center of unit)
UEF Orange Capacitors
Multi-stage Quantum tunnel treatment
2 dedicated ground ports for SR Atmosphere and PowerCell conditioners
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Gold Tuning Modules


New Galileo SX  MkII PCB 
New dual channel multi-setting ULF generator
New built in Linear Power Supply
New 70 mini BFA ground ports

4 ULF settings.

One of the most unique and exciting features of the Galileo SX Ground Block Mk II is the variable, dual-channel ULF signal generator. This cutting-edge technology allows you to select between four harmonics of the Earth’s Schumann Resonance to bias the internal Electromagnetic Cells to optimize the performance of your Galileo Ground Block SX Mk II to match your system and music choice.


Four frequency bias, one perfect sound.


Purple Frequency:
When you select the Purple Frequency, you will see a purple light illuminating the internal circuit of your Galileo SX Ground Block. Purple is the default setting for systems that have a Synergistic Research Atmosphere or FEQ Acoustic Field Generator. Choose this setting when you want a cross between the Blue and Red frequency’s sonic balance.


Blue Frequency:
When you select the Blue Frequency, you see a blue light illuminating the internal circuit of the Galileo SX Ground Block. This is the most focused sound option with strong dynamics and precise imaging with a more forward sound than the other options.


Red Frequency:
When you select the Red Frequency, you see a red light illuminating the Galileo SX Ground Block’s internal circuit. This is the setting if you want to maximum soundstage scale with a deep soundstage that also envelops your listening position. This setting works best when you also have Synergistic Research acoustic products like HFT’s, Black Boxes, and Atmosphere or FEQ acoustic field generators.


Green Frequency:
When you select the Green Frequency, you see a green light illuminating the Galileo SX Ground Block’s internal circuit. Green is the default setting if you do not have an Atmosphere Acoustic Field Generator in your system. Fun fact, Green is the default bias frequency for the original Galileo SX PowerCell / Active Ground Block SE.

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