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Foundation SX Phono Interconnect



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Foundation SX Phono cables are 100% handmade in our Southern California Factory from pure silver mono filament conductors in an air dielectric in woven copper matrix shields similar to Atmosphere SX and Galileo Discovery phono cables. We then added a new High Voltage Long Duration Conditioning Process and UEF Compound first developed to elevate the SRX cable loom to the world’s best status.


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Additional information:

The net result is one of the world’s best phono cables, regardless of cost, with a low-noise floor and black background with dynamics, detail, and holographic soundstaging. We even include Purple and Gold UEF Carbon Tuning Discs so you can custom tune voice your new phono cables to perfectly complement your system and personal tastes. Or run them straight without tuning discs. The choice is yours, with plenty of time to decide in the privacy of your home reference system.


If you are like many audiophiles, perhaps you’ve never experienced a full loom of cables designed to work together because you felt they would be too expensive? Or perhaps you think your current cable mix match is synergistic in your system? If so, now is the time to audition a full loom of Foundation cables with UEF Blue or Black power cords from Synergistic Research, and you’ll discover just what your system is truly capable of.


We are so confident these are the best sounding cables in the world at their price points, we’re offering them through participating SR dealers and distributors with a full 30-day money back guarantee. With Foundation cables, you can take your time and discover what the Synergistic Research house sound is all about.


Foundation Series cables also blend perfectly with all current SR Series cables including Atmosphere SX and Galileo Discovery so you can mix and match while staying true to the SR house sound of detail, air, soundstaging and dynamics with an ultra-low noise floor. Foundation cables are also a solid foundation when employing other SR products that create synergy in acoustics, AC and Ground Filtration, and Component Isolation.


4 each RCA, 6 each XLR Silver Air String:

  • Silver Air Strings: 99.9999% pure monocrystal silver conductor
  • 4 separate conductors RCA / 8 separate conductors XLR
  • Dielectric: Air (sealed)
  • Shielding: Silver Braid -Quantum Tunneled


RCA and XLR Connectors:

  • Silver Teflon SR 20 RCA or Neutrik NC3FX-BAG, NC3MX-BAG XLR connectors


Build Notes:

  • 8 (RCA) 12 (XLR) point-to-point hand soldered connections
  • SRX Matrix Shielding: UEF coating with Graphene is applied directly to connectors significantly reducing the noise floor and allowing a purer signal to transfer with less grain providing more warmth and detail
  • Silver Solder: 4%
  • Hand build time: 2 hours
  • SRX Quantum Tunneling: After the cable is completely assembled all connections and cabling are treated with 1,000,000 volts of electricity at specific frequencies and pulse modulations, creating a canal in the conductor material and contact points at the molecular level that allows electrons to flow more freely. This allows the maximum amount of low level information through the conductors and provides for the highest amount of realism in your music
  • Secondary UEF Blue Treatment originally developed for SR Blue Fuses
  • 5 day Burn-in: 2 step process
  • Hand crafted in our California factory
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