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Evoque Eco 24-16 Design Edition



VAT Included


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Each Atacama Evoque Design Edition module is created by our top craftsmen then given a special, unique multi layered finish. Each complete rack is supplied as a matched set and is available as a compact, single or double width support. This exclusive model is the most luxuriously finished of the award winning Evoque family.

Shelf heights


Up to 3 weeks from date of purchase

Additional information

The Evoque Eco DESIGN EDITION range is based on the Award winning Evoque Eco 60-40, however this special made to order support features a unique luxurious wood stain unavailable on all other Atacama Bamboo based racks. This special finish is applied by hand using several layers and inspected at every stage of manufacture by our top Atacama craftsmen to ensure the best possible finish to each individual module.


All three of the available leg packs of 145mm, 195mm and 245mm heights are supplied in a Satin Black finish (this finish is not available on standard Evoque models) so allowing the DESIGN EDITION to match our extensive range of speaker stands.


Any combination of shelf modules can be used and placed on a base module up to a maximum height of 1000mm (39.3”) for the 14-16 version and 1255mm (50") for the 24-16 and 44-16 versions.


All Evoque Eco Design Edition models feature mechanical grounding via *8mm carbon steel studs through each leg and ASIST (Atacama Sonic Isolation System Technology) designed to help dampen and direct any residual high frequency resonances away from the supported equipment.


Evoque Eco DESIGN EDITION supports are hand made to order, so please allow amply time for manufacture.

-Please note: - Bamboo is a natural material so colour, texture, grain and age may give a variable appearance to each shelf. Because of this, adding an extra shelf later will introduce a batch /colour tonal difference. Where possible order your Evoque as a complete modular support with enough levels to fulfil possible future requirements to minimize this variation. There may be some darkening of the Bamboo over time. This is normal and part of the materials maturing process.

The colours shown in the photography are a representation in a well-lit photo studio under artificial light. Do not attempt to use these pictures to match with other woods and furnishings as batch colour, shading, room lighting and grain will be different.


Evoque Eco DESIGN EDITION is made in the UK.

The species of bamboo plant harvested in the Construction of our bamboo furniture is ethically sourced from a single, specific supplier made to our own specification. It does NOT originate from the Republic of China, so Panda friendly!

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