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Ethernet Switch UEF



VAT Included


Free delivery in UAE

Enter our new Ethernet Switch UEF with UEF and Active EM Cell technology to close the gap between digital playback and state-of-the-art analog tapes and LPs. To accomplish this, we combined all EM Cell and UEF Tech applications and Galileo level chassis construction into a single component.


EM Cell and UEF Tech to condition the digital signal? Check. An EM Cell to act as a built-in Tranquility Base? Check. A chassis milled from a solid billet of aluminum like our Galileo Active Ground Block? Check. Use of Carbon Fibre to eliminate the effects of chassis vibration on the signal? Check.


Power Cable

Ethernet cable


Additional information

with included 5ft Foundation 12awg AC cable 

and SR Purple Fuse 

Dimensions - 2.6″h x 10″w x 6″d
Weight - 6.2 lbs.


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