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Eris2 Eco Leg Height Replacement Pack



VAT Included


Free delivery in UAE

To fit Atacama ERIS2 Eco 5.0 Hifi Rack Modules



IMPORTANT-Not suitable for previous module Eris Eco 5.0. Will ONLY fit Eris2 Eco 5.0. If your Eris rack was purchased before 2020 then it will be the previous model so these leg packs will NOT be suitable.

Leg color choice

Leg Pack height


Additional information

Still not sure which version you have? Eris2 legs have a silver coloured bolt at the top of each leg. If your rack has a black plastic insert in the top of each leg, then you have the previous model.


If you already have an Eris2 Hifi rack but would like to change a leg height or the leg colour on one or more of your shelf modules, you can order the required parts here.


Heights quoted are the inner dimension once the legs are fully assembled with all fixtures and fittings in place. A 60mm base module can be reconfigured as a shelf module, however when placed on another shelf module the bamboo shelf beneath it will take 40mm of the available space so the usable height between the shelving will be reduced from 60mm to 20mm.



Please note- prices are for three outer tubes with lower spike retention inserts included. All other components supplied originally with the shelf module will need to be reused.

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