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Atabites SMD-Z 7HD Inert Filler



VAT Included


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In order to get the best possible sound from your speaker stands, it is recommended that the main vertical columns are partially filled with a high density inert filler .


By using Atabites you will reduce ringing and give a sonically dead platform from which to position bookshelf style speakers.


Up to 3 weeks from date of purchase

Additional Information

Featuring new zinc coated steel micro-discs, the Atabite SMD-Z 7HD inert filler has a uniformed range of particulate sizes ( 2-4mm diameter) giving consistent sonic performance. The Zinc coating adds mass, protects the filler from both oxidization and degradation while enhancing the visual aesthetics.


We are even known to paint them in Satin Black on one side if production time allows! (purely aesthetic, does not make any difference to the performance, will not be seen when the Atabites are installed into the speaker stands, but looks nice in the tub!).



 PLEASE NOTE- Atabites are supplied by weight, not volume. (7 KG tubs). Some settling of contents may occur in transit.


As a guide, each 1.8L tub contains approximately 1,6L of Atabites. As a comparison, 1.6L of typical dry *beach sand would weigh less than 2.5KG.



Maximum approximate weight of Atabites that can be used for each pair of Atacama speaker stands:-



NEXXUS 200                5.32kg                9.37kg                13.43kg

NEXXUS 300                8.18kg               14.43kg               20.69kg

NEXXUS 400              11.05kg                19.49kg              27.95kg

NEXXUS 500              13.92kg                24.56kg             35.21kg

NEXXUS 600               16.8kg                29.65kg               42.50kg

NEXXUS 700              19.67kg                34.70kg              49.73kg

NEXXUS 1000            28.28kg                49.89kg              71.51kg


Nexus 5, Moseco 5, =6.8KG,
Nexus 6, Moseco 6, Duo 6, =8.4KG
Nexus 7, Moseco 7, Duo 7, =9.84KG
Nexus10, Moseco 10, =14.14KG



Moseco/Ensign CC series, as Nexus, with corresponding leg height.(single stand)


Audition/ SLX300=16.36KG
Audition/ SLX400=22.10KG
Audition/ SLX500=27.84KG
Audition/ SLX600=36.6KG
Audition/ SLX700=39.34KG
SLX1000=56.56KG (SL series, as SLX)


HMS1.1 & Moseco XL 500mm=30.8KG
HMS1.1 & Moseco XL 600mm=44.53KG
HMS1.1 700mm=58.2KG 
HMS2.1 & HMS2X-600=85KG


Apollo Cyclone 5= 6.8KG
Apollo Cyclone 6= 8.4KG
Apollo Cyclone 7= 9.84KG



NOT suitable for Aurora 6 Speaker stands.


To get the best possible sound from your speaker stands, it is recommended that the main vertical columns are partially filled with a high-density inert filler.


By adding Atabites, you will reduce stand ringing and give a tune-able platform from which to set up you bookshelf speakers.


The amount of filler to use will depend on the speakers, cables, speaker positioning, hifi component match, room acoustics and what sonic characteristics the listener is looking for. 


The more Atabites used, the more depth of bass, detail and defined sound stage should be heard. 


However, overfilling can dull the stands causing detail and mid-range to soften, so experiment with the amount used to match the speaker stands to your specific requirements. 


As a rule, half to two thirds full gives the best results.


Filler can be used with non-Atacama/Apollo speaker stands but check suitability first with the stand manufacturer.



SMD-HD Conversion

Amount: 1 litre (L) of volume
 Equals: 4.18 kilograms (kg - kilo) in weight

*Beach Sand Conversion

Amount: 1 litre (L) of volume
 Equals: 1.53 kilograms (kg - kilo) in weight

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